Give the Gift of Volunteering

Join us in showing first responders that we appreciate their dedicated service and don’t take them for granted by volunteering to help support the cause. Volunteer opportunities include fundraising, helping at great events, delivering lunches on Police and Fire Appreciation Day, and lending your support or area of expertise to the foundation!

Volunteer with us.



What is the First Responders Foundation?

The First Responders Foundation is a nonprofit in Omaha that works to enhance public safety and build community appreciation and respect for our first responders.

What do donations go towards?

We support three core programs in addition to providing vital resources and equipment as requested by the police and fire departments. The items we donate are not provided for in the city budget and we work directly with Omaha Fire Chief Kanger and Omaha Police Chief Schmaderer to determine the immediate needs of each department and fulfill wish lists.

Are you the telephone solicitors who call us asking for money?

No, we never solicit funds in this manner. Typically, with those types of organizations, only a small percentage is donated to the actual cause. We encourage you to consider a donation directly to our foundation.

How can I help?

By making a donation or volunteering to help. Your gift will go directly towards supporting our first responders, and we rely heavily on the generous support of volunteers.

What is a Friends of First Responders membership?

The Friends of First Responders is a membership club that invites people to become ongoing supporters of the First Responders Foundation’s mission and programs. For an annual membership of $40 per year, members receive police and fire newsletters and two window stickers. We invite everyone to join our growing community and become a member.


Donations support our key programs and fund additional materials, equipment, and other initiatives for the police and fire departments.

#SupportBlue Campaign

Help Send OPD Officers to DC

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Program

9/11 minute of silence flags

Our mission is to enhance public safety and build community appreciation and respect for our first responders.

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In addition to our core programming, we donate resources and vital equipment to the police and fire departments, working with each chief to determine priorities that their budgets cannot cover.

We’ve donated a $135,000 thermal imaging camera for the police helicopter, $1,280 worth of body cameras for fire investigators, and an $80,000 skid car for the police department, just to name a few.

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