Supporting First Responders

Our mission is to serve and honor all our First Responders and their families, build appreciation and respect for their work, and enhance public safety. We partner directly with police and fire departments in the greater Omaha area, and accomplish our mission by creating and supporting unique and educational programs and events, inspiring our community, and providing necessary resources and services to first responders and our citizens.

We are now accepting applications for the Awards of Excellence 2020.

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First responders put their lives on the line every day.

What We Do

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Where do donations go?

We have core programs in addition to organizing community events and initiatives and providing vital resources and equipment as requested by the police and fire departments. The items we donate are not provided for in the city budget and we work directly with police and fire chiefs to determine the immediate needs of each department and fulfill wish lists.

Are you the telephone solicitors calling and ask for money?

No, we never solicit funds in this manner. Typically, with those types of organizations, only a small percentage is donated to the actual cause. We encourage you to consider a donation directly to our foundation.

Who are the Boosters?

The Boosters invites you to become an ongoing supporter of the First Responders Foundation’s mission and programs. For an annual membership of just $60 per year, you can show your support and help “Thank” First Responders. We invite everyone to join our growing community and become a booster!


Featured Program: First Responders Mental & Emotional Well-Being

First Responders face hardships that most of us will never have to know, including working the scene of fatal accidents, being in a life-threatening situation, and coping with line of duty death or injury. They need support to handle PTSD, and that’s why we started the First Responders Support Team program.