A Look Back at the 2014 Police and Fire Appreciation Day

10363711_10152471586769096_4687360570469931192_nThey say it’s the little things that count and that’s a true statement. But any more, it seems that kindness and appreciation aren’t just little things. The world is moving fast and we all take things for granted so when the foundation goes through the trouble of bringing over 900 lunches to the officers and firefighters and names the day “Police and Fire Appreciation Day,” it’s a great reminder that there are people who still appreciate what our first responders do for us. And not only is the gesture of kindness appreciated, but the sack lunches that are delivered are also decorated by school children.


Each bag is a work of art created by an individual artist from the Gomez Heritage, Crestridge Magnet and Fontenelle Elementary schools. Part of the joy of receiving the lunches comes from looking at the many different pictures and knowing that a child supports you. It’s almost like receiving a box of Cracker Jacks, only the prize is on the outside instead of the inside!

For officers and firefighters, many days can go by in their career before someone says “Thank you” or shows appreciation; but they don’t take the job for the accolades, they take it to help people, so when these little masterpiece lunches are delivered, a cold lunch suddenly becomes a heartwarming gourmet meal!