Action Day 2014

Action Day/Scout Day is a joint venture with the First Responders Foundation and the Omaha Police Department and is a day filled with action and learning for kids! Scouts can earn their Crime Prevention Badges and see up close and personal how much the police and fire departments operate in action!

IMG_6432-(1)There are many exciting demos during the day including repelling off of buildings, blowing up pumpkins, rescuing submerged vehicles, robots in action and much more! Plus it’s all free (and you are fed as well)!

For anyone interested in first responder action, this is the place to see it, touch it and become a part of it! Kids can dress up as their favorite first responder hero and take home a picture of them dressed up.

Action Day/Scout Day is also a great time for kids and adults to meet the first responders in person and ask whatever burning question they might have. This is a great event for the public and the responders to get to know each other without the reality of the drama that is most times a large part of public and responder interaction.

So if you like action, you like first responders and you like hotdogs, you cannot go wrong by attending this annual event! Stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page for announcements of all our upcoming events!