Help Care for Alley the Arson Dog!


4399Help Care for Alley the Arson Dog!

You can help the Omaha Fire Department care for an Arson Dog! Arson Dogs help increase the safety of the community for both the public and firefighters that serve the community. As accelerant sniffers, they are able to detect even minute amounts of accelerants used to start fires.

Arson dogs work with investigators to find the best places to pull sample materials from for lab testing. Their nose knows! They are also used to communicate with young children, persons with special needs and animal loving humans of all ages to help with retention of important fire safety information. These dogs can also provide a significant decrease to arson fires, in some cases up to 50% by helping to increase conviction rates and deter arsonists.

We are pleased to announce that State Farm has provided the Omaha Fire Department with Alley the Arson Dog! Our Foundation is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist the Omaha Fire Department in providing care and upkeep of Alley. If you would like to also help support Alley you can do so by making a donation below. Your donation will go towards the long term care of Alley the Fire Dog!

Help care for Alley by making a donation using the form below!

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