Alley the Arson Dog

alley Arson Dog Donation

Arson Dog Donation

Arson K-9 DonationArson Dogs help keep our community and firefighters safe. As accelerant sniffers, they are able to detect even minute amounts of accelerants used to start fires. That helps fire investigators determine if a human caused a fire with intent to harm. Arson dogs work with investigators to find the best places to pull sample materials from for lab testing. Their nose knows!

They are also used to communicate with young children, people with special needs, and animal-loving humans of all ages to help educate on the importance of fire safety. These dogs can also pave the way for a significant decrease in arson fires, in some cases up to 50% by helping to increase conviction rates and deter arsonists.

Last year there were 331 total fire-related investigations, and 66 were classified as arson.

Alley, Arson Dog

The Omaha Fire Department recently hired Alley the Arson Dog, and we’re honored to have a fund that helps provide for her training and care! Your donation is one great way to show your support for Alley and the program.

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