Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence

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We are dedicated to upholding our mission to serve and honor all our First Responders and their families. That’s why we created the Awards of Excellence program. We believe that it takes a special type of person to become a first responder and want to be a public servant. That’s why we wanted to award scholarships to college-bound children of First Responders who have also demonstrated commitment to community and volunteerism.

Our Booster Club members present twenty $500 Awards of Excellence to high school seniors each spring. Recipients must have a parent who is a first responder and have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the community. Five $500 awards are presented to the children of police officers and five to the children of firefighters.

Winners informed on or about 25 March 2019

Award and Recognition Ceremony will be held 11 April 2019 at Champions Run.


**Meet the 2018 winners!**
**Meet the 2017 winners!**

“Thank you again for the scholarship I received last year! It helped me to buy the many books I needed for my first semester at college. Like you do for first responders by buying necessary equipment that their budget won’t allow, you’ve helped me buy books that my budget wouldn’t allow on my own. I didn’t have to work first semester to pay for these books out of pocket. Being able to focus solely on school, I found the motivation to continue my education for twelve more years and become an OBGYN someday! I made the Dean’s List my entire freshman year by being able to dedicate myself to school without worrying about the payment of those expensive books first semester! I’m excited for my long schooling ahead and it wouldn’t be possible without your help! Thank you again for this and for all you do for our community.”

Brooklyn Housh

Application Guidelines

Candidates must:

  1. Be a high school senior and the child of an Omaha Firefighter or Omaha Police Officer.
  2. Have a “C” or higher grade point average in high school;
  3. Demonstrate good character, leadership, and interest in furthering their success.

Selection Guidelines

  1. Candidates shall not have to show financial need.
  2. Selection shall not be based on consideration of age, sex, race, creed, or disability.
  3. Selection shall be made by the First Responders Foundation.
  4. The Awards will be presented to the recipients at an appropriate time and place to recognize and highlight the high-quality citizenship of our First Responders high school seniors.


Applications are now open for 2019!

Applications due to our office by mail No later than 8 March 2019

2800 S 110 Court Omaha, NE 68144

FRF Awards of Excellence Application

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