Honoring Jen Wolsleben, Firefighter Cedar Bluffs Fire and Rescue

Today, Aug. 1,2020 we honor Jen Wolsleben, Firefighter / NREMT-B, Cedar Bluffs Fire and Rescue Department, our most recent inductee into the National Society of Saint Florian and Saint Michael and the recipient of the Challenge Coin.

Jen is a true hero and a life saver. Several years ago, Jen was called to a remote location on the Platte River. Jen arrived to find a preteen boy had suffered a life-threading arm injury in an ATV rollover accident, and had an open humerus fracture and had torn his brachial artery. Jen was able to apply a make-shift tourniquet, using her blood pressure cuff to stop the bleeding in his arm, and save his life. A few years later Jen was the first on the scene of a severe ATV crash where a person was ejected head first, hitting a cedar tree and suffering massive facial injuries. He was found face down and not breathing. Jen instructed her fellow first responders, law enforcement, to help roll the man over, where Jen placed an airway and began bagging him with a Bag Valve Mask. He was flown from the scene, surviving to make a full recovery.

Jen is a leader and has been EMT of the Year three times.

Jen is a leader on critical calls and not only does she display a calming, commanding presence, she guides bystanders and encourages her fellow first responders. Jen also shines in the classroom as a Rescue Training Officer. Jen facilitates teamwork amongst all members of the fire department.

Three times Jen has been awarded the Department EMT of the Year; 2003, 2015, and 2018.

We thank Jodi Teal for nominating Jen Wolsleben. Special thanks Jen, for your dedication and life saving service!

Nominate your hero to receive this outstanding recognition. Nominees receive a Personalized Certificate and a two-sided Saint Florian and Saint Michael Challenge Coin in a showcase box. Click here to learn more https://firstrespondersomaha.org/nominate-a-first-responder/

Honoring Lt. Robert Jones of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

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The First Responders Foundation Has A New Home

The First Responders Foundation is pleased and excited to announce we have moved to a new home.  We are now located at 10605 Burt Circle in the Old Mill area.  

The Foundation outgrew our previous location and went searching for a larger space to offer needed programs and services for our first responders. This new location, just off of I-680 is the perfect place to begin our 11th year as the only Foundation in the metro area that focuses solely on first responders and their families.

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How Can I Help & Support Police/First Responders?

This has been an inspirational week at the First Responders Foundation.  There have been countless calls and emails from concerned citizens asking, how can I help?

  • How can I help support the police and first responders in the metro area?
  • Can I show support and appreciation for all they are doing to protect our rights and for the safety of our community?

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Noelle, Awards of Excellence Recipient, Follows Her Firefighter Father’s Example

We congratulate Noelle Philippi for being selected as a First Responders Foundation Awards of Excellence 2020 recipients.  Noelle is graduating from Ralston High School. 

The Awards of Excellence are presented to children of first responders who demonstrate a commitment to the community and volunteerism, have good character, and balanced achievements in their lives.

Below is part of an essay that Noelle submitted for the award.

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Trucking Hand Sanitizer Across Nebraska

Make a needed product and give it to those in need? Sounds easy, right?

Below you will find more information and the helping hands in Trucking Hand Sanitizer Across Nebraska.

(Update as of May 14th.  All requests for hand sanitizer are now going direct to Patriarch Distillers.  Please email David at dyoung@svspirits.com )

David Young and Jeff Hadden Patriarch DistillersJeff Hadden, Founder and President, and David M. Young, VP of Strategy and Spirits Evangelist, from Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley 6, in LaVista, NE, just wanted to help out during the pandemic and produce hand sanitizer for those who were working so hard to keep our community safe. They made the decision to stop producing spirits at their business and begin making hand sanitizer full time.

Things started out fine, but as the need grew, David and Jeff were inundated with phone calls, emails, and even in-person visits to their facility for hand sanitizer. They needed some help. “Our project for good had become overwhelming,” said Jeff.

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The Distance Project

While out shopping for necessities over the last few weeks, Luke Steiner made an observation.  He noticed that many people were not following the new social guidelines to stay 6 feet apart.  Even in stores that were attempting to make it easy, it was obvious to Luke it was not getting done.  Luke was shopping at Trader Joes where only 35 people are allowed in the store at a time.  “I was doing my best to stay away from people, but others were not following the guidelines to stay 6 feet apart like you think everyone would,”  Luke said.

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Bellevue Fire Department COVID-19 Has Changed Things

From Temperatures, to Drive-by Birthday Celebrations, COVID-19 has changed things for the Bellevue Fire Department.

(As of Sun. April 5th the Bellevue Fire Department has transported one person who has tested positive for COVID-19.)

Shari Lentsch is proud of the way the personnel at the Bellevue Fire Department (BFD) are all working together during these unprecedented times. As first responders deal with COVID-19 in the Bellevue area, Shari who is the Supervisor of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the BFD, knows that they are positively impacting public safety response, and utilizing containment and mitigation initiatives.

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Hand Sanitizer brings Patriarch Distillers & the First Responders Foundation Together

Patriarch Distillers Inc. is distributing hand sanitizers for first responders and health care workers in cooperation with the First Responders Foundation.

Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley Spirits is a small craft distillery that has changed production over from spirit-based consumables to a hand sanitizer during the pandemic. They hope the hand cleaning application will help slow down the COVID- 19 virus.

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First Responders and the Coronavirus

At this time of crisis in our country, we are in a fight where the battlefield is in our own backyards and communities and first responders are on the frontlines, defending all of us.

Donate now to make a difference for local first responders, as your generous donation will support our key programs aimed at mental, emotional, and physical well-being for our first responders and their families.  As we seek to distance ourselves from one another by staying home, canceling events and school, first responders are selflessly exposing themselves to danger and risk of exposure and contraction of COVID- 19, nobly going into harm’s way on our behalf.

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Gary Steiner – New Board President

The First Responders Foundation is pleased to announce Gary Steiner, as Chairman of the Board in 2020.  Gary will be instrumental in helping the Foundation fulfill its mission to serve and honor all our First Responders and their families, build appreciation and respect for their work, and to enhance public safety.

Gary formed Steiner Consulting, Inc. in 2014 after 20 years of nonprofit management and fundraising work. His firm works with mid-sized nonprofits to develop visionary plans and to secure the resources needed to turn those visions into realities.

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