130 Families Sign-Up to Receive Free Detectors!

4Yesterday we were proud to participate in Omaha Police Department Southeast Precinct’s Christmas party at South High School. About 3,000 people showed up for Santa, fun, and treats, and a free toy was given to every child 10 years old and under!

The toys were donated in large part thanks to a fundraiser organized by Eric Perez and Sonido travieso de omaha, and the entire event is organized by OPD’s Ofelia Robles.

We were there to ask families to sign-up for our free carbon monoxide and smoke detector program to help keep them safe in their homes. All in all, 130 families signed up to receive the detectors, installed by the Omaha Fire Department free of charge! Request your free detector by calling the OFD at 402.444.3560.

Meet Mark Langan: New Board Member, Retired Narcotics Officer, and Best-Selling Author

Mark Langan is a retired Omaha Police Department Sergeant who spent 26 years on the force and recently published a book about his experiences entitled Busting Bad Guys: My True Crime Stories of Bookies, Drug Dealers, and Ladies of the Night. When we reached out to Mark and asked him to join our board, he graciously accepted and looks forward to being an active member. His experience will greatly benefit our foundation and we are so excited to welcome him!

We recently sat down with Mark and asked him about his history with the police department, his book, and some of his experiences while he was on the force. Make sure to check out the interview below, and you can learn more and pick up a copy of his book on his website.

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Action Day 2014

Action Day/Scout Day is a joint venture with the First Responders Foundation and the Omaha Police Department and is a day filled with action and learning for kids! Scouts can earn their Crime Prevention Badges and see up close and personal how much the police and fire departments operate in action!

IMG_6432-(1)There are many exciting demos during the day including repelling off of buildings, blowing up pumpkins, rescuing submerged vehicles, robots in action and much more! Plus it’s all free (and you are fed as well)!

For anyone interested in first responder action, this is the place to see it, touch it and become a part of it! Kids can dress up as their favorite first responder hero and take home a picture of them dressed up.

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9/11 Memorial Banquet

Who would have ever thought a horse barn could be so much fun? Well maybe if you are a horse, but those of us who didn’t grow up in a stable didn’t know horsing around would be so fun and charitable!

The 1st annual 9/11 Memorial Banquet was held on Sept. 11, 2014 at the Omaha Police Mounted Patrol Barn. The day started out with a ceremony to remember Sept 11, 2001 and ended with a banquet to celebrate and fundraise for our local first responders.

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A Look Back at the 2014 Police and Fire Appreciation Day

10363711_10152471586769096_4687360570469931192_nThey say it’s the little things that count and that’s a true statement. But any more, it seems that kindness and appreciation aren’t just little things. The world is moving fast and we all take things for granted so when the foundation goes through the trouble of bringing over 900 lunches to the officers and firefighters and names the day “Police and Fire Appreciation Day,” it’s a great reminder that there are people who still appreciate what our first responders do for us. And not only is the gesture of kindness appreciated, but the sack lunches that are delivered are also decorated by school children.


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Behind the Scenes of the Minute of Silence

One day in August as I was researching some content for the foundation, I ran across a video about a minute of silence in Warsaw Poland. Every August 1st at 5:00 pm, sirens are heard throughout the entire city of Warsaw, Poland. People stop what they are doing and cars come to halt to honor the people lost their lives in the Warsaw Uprising, a 63-day struggle against the Nazis which began on August 1, 1944.

This video inspired me to bring an idea to our foundation. What if we organized a minute of silence movement in Omaha to remember the tragedy of 9/11? No organized effort to remember 9/11 was occurring in Omaha and it had been 13 years since that day.

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The First Responders Foundation Reacts Quickly to Ebola Issue

With the recent health concerns surrounding Ebola and its entry into the United States, in addition to UNMC treating several Ebola patients, we decided to step in and help provide vital resources that would protect first responders and our community.

We donated 60 non contact infrared thermometers totaling $3,600 to allow emergency personnel to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as the Ebola virus.