Recap: 5 Events in 30 Days

Ahhhh…. or should we say AHHHHH! That is the sound made by many members of our foundation after the last of our events for the year were completed. This year we have been busier than ever before with community events and activities, having been involved in ten events this year with five of those events happening within thirty days!


2nd Annual 9/11 Memorial Benefit

The mad rush started with the 9/11 Minute of Silence. This event was held at Memorial Park on Sept. 11 at 9am. Governor Pete Ricketts attended along with Omaha’s top leaders to observe a minute of silence at 9:11am. The minute of silence recognized everyone that was killed in the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US.

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Just three days later on Sept. 14th, we held our 1st Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser. This was originally scheduled much earlier in the year, but multiple rainouts forced us to this later date. But, even with the later date the event was super fun and successful!

Three days after that on Sept 17th, we held our annual 9/11 Memorial Benefit fundraiser. This was held at the Omaha Police Mounted Patrol barn. There were both silent and live auctions that proved to be very spirited, and we all feasted on a delicious bbq dinner and designer cupcakes. And of course there was much horsing around!

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FBI Executive Shoot STEAK-Out

FBI Executive Steak-Out Shoot

After the benefit, we had a reprieve of sixteen days before our next event. That event was Action Day held on Oct. 3rd at the Omaha Police Training Academy. Action Day brings together area scouts to work on crime prevention badges and the general public to come see all of our cool police and fire equipment in action!

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Six days after Action Day, we hosted the FBI Executive Steak-Out Shoot at the Police Training Academy. Numerous executives from around Omaha signed up to learn more about the police department. They went through the Virtra system, which is a simulator for live time 911 calls, and the participants were involved in real-life reactions. They get to see what it feels like to be in an officer’s shoes and have to make a life-or-death decision in a split-second. They also partnered with our training instructors and were brought out to the gun range to fire a multitude of high caliber weapons.

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So let us just say AHHHH one more time! It takes a great team of members and volunteers to be able to pull often events, let alone five in 30 days! If you would like a piece of the fun, please contact us to sign up as a volunteer. Next year we will be changing the dates of some of our events so that we can spread the fun throughout the year!

Join Us in Sending Prayers and Condolences to the Kansas City Fire Department

Our mission statement reads to enhance public safety and build community appreciation and respect for our first responders. No matter how much state-of-the-art equipment or training a department has, sometimes tragedies still happen. Kansas City Fire Department is currently experiencing the worst type of tragedy…times two. This is the time when appreciation and respect are about all that can be offered to the firefighters in KC.

We are sending that support in the form of prayers and condolences to the Kansas City area. Not only has their fire department lost two members, but the entire nation has lost two more heroes. Firefighters know when they take this job, these are the risks that they face each and every day and most times everyone goes home safely, but not every time. October 13 brought that reality home to the Kansas City Fire Department.

The grief is apparent as Fire Chief Paul Berardi and his staff struggle to get through their press conference. We feel their pain and the pain of their entire department. But as Chief Berardi said so emotionally, they will continue to do their jobs as they do every day. The Kansas City firefighters will get through this with heavy hearts but they took an oath to protect all of us and that is what they will continue to do. That is why we call them heroes.

Learn more about the fallen firefighters from The Kansas City Star, and join us in supporting and sending condolences to the Kansas City Fire Department by using the #SupportRed hashtag in your social media updates.

Join Us at the #SupportBlue Rally

When: Monday, September 7, 2015
Time: Immediately Following Septemberfest Labor Day Parade (approximately 12:30pm)
Where: Central Station at 505 So. 15th St

Last week Deputy Goforth was pumping gas and was executed from behind. We have decided that we will hold a ‪#‎SupportBlue‬ Rally called “Officer I Have Your Back” to show that we stand behind our entire police department.

At the rally we will become a human shield and stand shoulder to shoulder around the block of Central Station. A prayer will be said for the safety of our officers.

The parade is scheduled to run until approximately 12:30 and we will meet at Central directly afterwards. We are asking people to wear their‪ #‎SupportBlue‬ shirts or a blue shirt and carry signs showing their support. Children and strollers are welcome to attend.

Let’s show the Omaha Police Department how much this town appreciates them! We want to be louder and prouder than any protesters. Our officers need our support; are you in?

Please share this post and let’s get enough people to wrap around Central twice!

We Have Four Events in Thirty Days! Really? Yes, We Really Do!

The First Responders Foundation has been very, very busy this year! We have lots of people who have volunteered their time to make sure that these events go on without a hitch! We have four events in thirty days coming up, all created to bring you fun and entertainment and to raise awareness and funds for our police and fire departments in Omaha.

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#SupportBlue Goes to Chicago!

Members of our foundation, along with officers from the Omaha Police Department, recently had the opportunity to join other first responders at a celebrity/first responders golf tournament in Chicago.

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Scout Day and Action Day Combine Events!

Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts have always worked hard to get their badges. For as long as we can remember, Scouts have been reaching out to the Omaha Police Department to work with officers to meet the requirements to get a law enforcement badge. With so many Scouts randomly coming to the police for this badge, the Omaha Police Department (OPD) started hosting an event about 12 years ago called “Scout Day.”  

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Feeding Our First Responders: 2015 Appreciation Lunches!

Every year we thank our first responders for their dedication and commitment to the safety of the citizens of our community by delivering more than 900 lunches to 40 different police and fire stations around the city.

The food was delivered in lunch bags that were colored on by students from Swanson Elementary, Crestridge Magnet and Fontenelle Elementary Schools. They made special pictures and messages on each and every lunch sack!

Special thanks to:

  • The First
  • C&A Industries
  • Omaha Steaks
  • Ideal Pure Water
  • The Fire Barn Sports Bar & Grill
  • US Foods
  • Black Belt Movers

We are honored and humbled to be able to show our first responders just how much they mean to us.

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Foundation Attends Community Health Fair

On April 21, Nebraska Methodist College hosted the 2nd Annual Community Health Fair. In addition to the First Responders Foundation, many other community organizations were onsite to serve as resources for the public, including the Omaha Police Department and Omaha Fire Department.

There were health screenings for blood pressure, hearing, height, weight, BMI, blood sugar, cholesterol, and more. The event also offered free food, drinks, raffle prizes, giveaways, and fun activities.

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Tony and Doug’s Story

IMG_2702Officers Tony Jones and Doug Johnson came on the Omaha Police Department together 13 years ago.

Tony’s Story
I didn’t always want to be a police officer, but I did want to do my part to help my city. I enjoy the diversity of the people I work with and serve. I looks forward to coming to work, and being a police officer allows me to help those that need help and guide those that need guidance. It is not always about arresting people.

Doug’s Story
It was always a lifelong dream of mine to become a police officer. I love coming to a job that never gets stale and never gets boring. This job provides me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people and experience a wide selection of personalities in Omaha.

Support us during #OmahaGives by making a donation between now and May 20 and support officers like Tony and Doug.


Steve’s Story

20150422_081241I became a police officer because I grew up in a family of officers (dad, uncle and cousins) and learned to respect public service at a very young age. I believe in helping others and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It is an incredible feeling to make a difference in someone’s life, or to see to it a predator is taken off of the street.

I believe in helping others and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Support us during #OmahaGives by making a donation between now and May 20 and support officers like Steve.