JAVELAN & First Responders Foundation Merger

The First Responders Foundation is excited to announce the partnership and merger with JAVELAN. JAVELAN “Service Dogs for HEROES” provides funding, for service dog training, to first responders and veterans.

The program is unique, as when possible, the dogs are rescue dogs, and also the first responder/veteran helps to train the dog. This successful program is a great fit with the programing of the First Responders Foundation and the goal of helping first responders and their families.

For more information visit www.firstrespondersomaha.org/javelan/. To apply for a service dog or for more information about the application process please contact Javelan at info@javelan.org.

Thank you Omaha Area Board of Realtors!

The First Responders Foundation was presented a check this morning for $4846 from the Omaha Area Board of Realtors and Affiliates. The OABR hosted their Annual Golf Tournament on August 26, 2019 designating the First Responders Foundation as the beneficiary. The Foundation thanks the OABR for the generous gift that will help fund the many programs that support First Responders and their families in the greater Omaha area. The Foundation sends a special thank you to Chris Myers for setting up the $5 Cheat Fore Charity on his Graphite Lock sponsored hole. Chris is also a first responder, serving the Boystown Fire Department, and we thank him for his service. It was a great tournament held at the Oak Hills Golf Course at 12323 Golfing Green Dr. in Omaha. Mary Rosenthal, VP of the First Responders Foundation represented the Foundation along with members of the Omaha Police and Omaha Fire Department. Jodi Teal, Director of Development, and Mary shared information with all the golfer about the Foundation. It was a fun day for a great cause.

The Omaha Area Board of Realtors advocates for realtors and the rights of all real estate owners. The OABR is recognized as the primary advocate for the rights of real estate owners in the Greater Omaha market area, and is viewed by members as a professional association that is essential to the success of their business. For more information visit https://www.omaharealtors.com/

Pictured above from left to right:Jan Eggenberg, Affliate President 2020, Jodi Teal, Director of Development FRF, Patrice Monnier, Ex. Assist. and Social Media Director FRF, Mary Rosenthal, FRF VP, and Summer Franco, OABR Golf Tournament Event Chairperson.

For more pictures from the OABR Golf Tournament visit the FRF Facebook Page.

VOTE to help the First Responders Foundation WIN $25,000!


We’ve been selected as a finalist for First National Bank of Omaha’s Community First Awards for our contributions toward the First Responders Foundation Home Safety Program and helping to keep the community safe!  We have a chance to receive a $25,000 cash donation – but we need your help.  You can help us win by voting for us today and every day through September 27.

VOTE NOW! https://woobox.com/qzrng5

Remember to VOTE EVERYDAY this week and tell your family and friends!  Thank you for your support!

Be Prepared Not Scared

Are you and your family prepared in the event of a disaster? Where do you go? Do you have enough supplies? How do you locate family and friends afterwards? September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. The First Responders Foundation and many others are joining Congressman Don Bacon at a free public event where you will learn the answers to these questions, and many more. Emergency Preparedness organizations and agencies will share information about how you and your family can prepare for and recover from an #emergency or disaster.

For more information visit:   http://ow.ly/Iz3e50w7l0M



Guns & Hoses 2020!

Mark your calendars for April 17, 2020! We are excited to announce the date for Guns & Hoses 2020! Friday, April 17th at Baxter Arena is the big day for the Red vs. Blue, Fire vs. Police, Guns N Hoses Boxing Challenge 2020!

Who will take home the prize? Will the Police WIN Again or will Fire take the PRIZE?! Tickets go on sale December 2nd. To learn more, visit gunsnhosesomaha.com. Make sure to like & follow the official Guns & Hoses social media as we are planning several specials and giveaways during the holiday season!

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Thank you for all who attended The Third Annual 9/11 Luncheon of Honor

Thank you to all who attended the FRF Third Annual 9/11 Luncheon of Honor. What a wonderful event and way to honor and remember First Responders, and those who support First Responders and the First Responders Foundation.

Special thanks to keynote speaker Secretary Chuck Hagel for sharing his insight on 9/11. Congratulations to our honorees, First Responders Foundation Co-founder Jerry Hoberman, Robert Nelson, Charles Sederstrom, Mike Fahey, Mayor Jean Stothert, and Sec. Chuck Hagel. The MC, Al Batschelet, FRF President & CEO shared details about the foundations programs, events, and fundraising efforts.

Making the event extra special was the Central High School Singers rendition of the National Anthem and the Presentation of the Colors by the OPD Honor Guard and Pipe and Drums.  Thank you to our sponsors, First National Bank, Valmont, OPPD, Nebraska Medicine, WoodmenLife, Holland Foundation.

To lean more about the sponsors, bios for each of the honorees,  and more pictures from the luncheon click here.

Honoring Jerry Hoberman – Co-founder of the First Responders Foundation

Jerry Hoberman and Ray Somberg Co-founded the First Responders Foundation in 2009.  We are thankful for both Jerry and Ray.  This year at the Third Annual 9/11 Luncheon of Honor we will be recognizing Jerry for all he has done for First Responders.  Leading up to starting the Foundation Jerry had an opportunity to spend some time with individuals from the Omaha Fire Department and the Omaha Police Department.  Here are some reflections from Jerry.

My reflections of First Responders
by Jerry Hoberman – Co Founder of the First Responders Foundation

My neighbor John Stolinski is a Omaha firefighter. In visiting with John, I was impressed by his, as well as his fellow firefighters, dedication and caring for the citizens of our city who found themselves in need of medical attention or rescue.

I had the privilege of participating in a “practice burn” of a building. As i watched the flames curl up the wall and envelope the ceiling, as I experienced the intense heat, as the protective gear I wore became enveloped in smoke so dense I could n to see my hand in front of my face…. panic took over! All I could think was….. I HAVE TO GET OUT!

Firefighter Dan Stolinski, who was assigned to keeping me unharmed, instructed me to crawl on all fours as he lead me out of the building. When I reached the fresh air, I thought about the First Responders who risk their lives by going into burning buildings to save ours. It gave me a lasting appreciation of their courage and dedication.

I was paired with Omaha Police Officer Nyugen to go on a “Ride Along” in the late hours of the night. My heart was racing and my anxiety maxed out as I watched Office Nyugen pull over a suspected drug dealer. I sat in the cruiser as I observed him cautiously approaching the driver’s door…. never knowing what to expect, as he proceeded with the arrest.

Another call came in and we were dispatched to a domestic violence incident where a man drove his key fob into the head of his girlfriend. As we took off, all I could think about were the stories of officers who were wounded or killed responding to routine domestic violence calls.

We count on First Responders to care for us….. to protect us. These exceptional men and women, on a daily basis, put their lives in jeopardy to protect ours.

My lifelong friend, Ray Somberg had similar experiences, and together, we founded the “Firefighter & Police Appreciation Foundation” later renamed “The First Responders Foundation”

All of us at the First Responders Foundation are grateful to Jerry and Ray for starting the foundation that for 10 years has been serving and appreciating First Responders and their families.

We are very proud to be honoring Jerry Hoberman at the Third Annual 9/11 Luncheon of Honor, for all he has done for First Responders and the Foundation.

Jerry started Tires, Incorporated in 1969 and worked there until he sold the business in 1998. He is the past chairman of Del Nat. a national tire association. He is currently on the board of the Holland Foundation.  Jerry is retired.

Jerry and his wife, Cookie, just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.  They have three daughters, Jennifer lives in Omaha, and Robin and Lisa both reside in Chicago.  They also have and are very proud of their “FFG”, five fabulous grandchildren.

Jerry, we thank you!

7th Annual Operation Free Ride Rodeo!

All First Responders and Military are invited to the 7th Annual Operation Free Ride Rodeo! September 21st from 10am-2pm at Victory Riding Academy, 4534 Madison St. Enjoy complimentary horseback rides, horsemanship experience, free food, games and entertainment. There will also be activity booths to learn more about horses in a fun, expo setting. This is event is hosted by Victory Riding Academy, First Responders Foundation and Horses4Heroes to thank our First Responders and the Military for the sacrifices made, by the individuals and families, to keep our communities and country safe.

To register and for more information please visit www.victoryride.org or contact Tony at tony@victoryride.org. Pre-registration is encouraged. This special event is to honor First Responders and Military members and is not open to the public.

Secretary Chuck Hagel will be the keynote speaker at the 9/11 Luncheon of Honor

The First Responders Foundation is proud to announce that Secretary Chuck Hagel will be the keynote speaker at the foundations Third Annual 9/11 Luncheon of Honor on September 11, 2019.  Sec. Hagel was the 24th Secretary of Defense of the United States and he served two terms in the United States Senate representing the great state of Nebraska.

The luncheon being held at the Hilton Omaha will honor those who have made a difference in the lives of first responders and the First Responders Foundation, including Secretary Hagel.

We thank Secretary Hagel for joining us and we invite the public to join us too. Limited tickets are still available to the luncheon that directly supports first responders in the greater Omaha area.

More information on Secretary Hagel.

To purchase tickets to the 9/11 Luncheon of Honor click here.

Today is PTSD Awareness Day

Today is PTSD Awareness Day 2019.  Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event or events.

Omaha Firefighter Donnie Dodge was reading an article about PTSD in early 2019 expecting to take away a piece of knowledge to help his friends. But here is what Donny says he found. “I found just the opposite. What I found was an article that was all about me. I had every one of the signs. That sparked my realization that I needed professional assistance. I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I asked for help. I admitted that I could not fix what was wrong with me without help.

The First Responders Foundation FRST Team (First Responders Support Team) supports the emotional and mental well-being of First Responders and their families.  FRST Programs are available for ALL First Responders (paid and volunteer) and all services are confidential.

If you would like to speak to a member of the FRST Team or would like more information regarding FRST, contact the team at FRST@firstrespondersomaha.org, call 402-218-1218, or visit FRST.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it’s a sign of strength.  To read more about Donnie’s story click here