First Responders and the Coronavirus

First Responders and the Coronavirus

At this time of crisis in our country, we are in a fight where the battlefield is in our own backyards and communities and first responders are on the frontlines, defending all of us.

Donate now to make a difference for local first responders, as your generous donation will support our key programs aimed at mental, emotional, and physical well-being for our first responders and their families.  As we seek to distance ourselves from one another by staying home, canceling events and school, first responders are selflessly exposing themselves to danger and risk of exposure and contraction of COVID- 19, nobly going into harm’s way on our behalf.

First Responders and the Coronavirus in Nebraska & Iowa

Here are some of the extraordinary ways first responders are meeting the challenges brought on by the coronavirus:

The Omaha and area Fire Departments are taking extra precautions to make sure when they arrive on a call, the rescue vehicles are clean and ready for a safe ride for the patient and first responders.

  • Both the Douglas County and Sarpy County dispatchers are asking more in-depth screening questions when a call comes in with an ill patient.  The more information and the more prepared the first responders are when they arrive at a call, the better.
  • Bill Bowes, Papillion Fire Chief said questions the dispatchers ask include inquiries about recent international travel and if the person has a fever or cough.
  • If the person does have a cough, the Papillion Fire Department will limit exposure by sending in one or two first-responders instead of an entire squad.
  • Masks and disposable gowns are used in addition to standard equipment, if the person has a cough, or if the department is transporting a known COVID- 19 cases.

Omaha Police and Fire Department

The Omaha Police area law enforcement Departments are taking precautions too, ensuring the readiness and availability of law enforcement officers.  Some steps taken by Police Chief Todd Schmaderer for example, include:

  • suspending travel of officers away from Omaha
  • canceling or postponing volunteer programs and nonessential meetings

The Chief assures the public that his officers are prepared and that they are trained to take extra precaution when necessary as officers interact with those they serve.

Council Bluffs Police Department

Lt. Darren Budd from the Council Bluffs Police Department reports that their officers are spending extra time steam-cleaning cruisers and disinfecting equipment by using Clorox wipes, protective masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves.

Your support to these brave men and women is needed and appreciated as the First Responders Foundation fulfills its mission to serve and honor all our First Responders and their families, build appreciation and respect for their work, and enhance public safety.  Stand with us to Stand with them, the brave men and women of our communities who proudly serve us as our First Responders.


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