First Responders National Society of St. Florian and St. Michael


The Honorable Order of Saints Florian and Michael is awarded to those individuals who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to their community.

The Ancient Order of Saints Florian and Michael is reserved for those members of the community who have provided long-term and exceptional service to first responders and their families through their enduring and exceptional acts of giving or acts of selfless volunteerism.

Patron Saints

Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. He earned this title because legend says that during his life Saint Florian put out a massive fire with only one bucket of water, saving a village from ruin. Saint Florian is often depicted in artwork pouring water from a bucket or small vessel. Praying to Saint Florian will ask for his protection in the most dangerous situations.

Saint Michael is the patron saint of police officers. He is their patron saint because he knows what it means to face the threat of evil and imminent danger by battling the devil. Police have Saint Michael on their side. His prayer is often said by police officers to shield them against the many dangers they face in their line of work.

List of Honorees