I Thought it Would Be the First and the Last Time I Went

Officer Carlie Potts is one of the members of the Omaha Police Honor Guard that will be going to Washington to represent the department. Officer Potts was on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Air Force ROTC Honor Guard for two years from 1999-2000. She presented Colors at Husker basketball games, and participated in Honor Guard competitions. In 2001 she was then transferred to and graduated from Wayne State in 2003.

Officer Potts joined the US Navy Reserve in 2003 and was deployed to Iraq from 2007 – 2008.During her time in the military, she joined the USNR HG and participated in funerals for fallen sailors. Officer Potts shared her most memorable time during her Honor Guard duties. She was a pall bearer for a 21 year old sailor who died in a motorcycle accident and was responsible for the folding and the presenting of the flag to his 20 year old widow. In June of 2006 Officer Potts joined the Omaha Police Department and became a member of the Honor Guard in 2008. Officer Potts met and married Omaha Police Officer Rob Wiley and two children, daughter Reagan almost four and two year old son Kolten.


Officer Potts told us that “Being on the Honor Guard is truly an absolute honor. It was an amazingly humbling experience to be a part of Kerrie’s funeral. I was on the firing party. I never imagined having to bury a co-worker but especially not a close friend.  I knew it was a possibility but you don’t think it will really happen. I also have hand the honor of participating for the funerals of Officer Dawn POLLREIS, Officer Greg HAMILL, and Officer Torrey GULLY’S funeral who all were current OPD officers and died off duty.

My favorite part of being on Honor Guard is representing our department at the funerals of retired officers. Most of them are small, and you are in the back ground as a reminder and a thank you to their service.”

Officer Potts went on to say, “I was fortunate to participate in the Police Memorial Week 2015. I thought it was going to be the first and the last time I went. However just a few days after we returned, Kerrie was killed in the line of duty. I knew then I had to be there to represent Kerrie in 2016. My husband, who was also on the Gang Unit with Kerrie, will be going along with our two children, my mom, sister and two nephews. They all were at her funeral and want to be a part of this for Kerrie and for her family. There are MANY of us that not only were coworkers, classmates, crew-mates, but friends of Kerrie and she was our sister in blue. We all want to be there to represent her and be the best we can. It is with pride, support, honor and sorrow that will see her name forever engraved in stone at our county’s capitol. Kerrie gave the ultimate sacrifice and we will represent her true spirit in Washington along with the many other officers who also gave the ultimate sacrifice.