JAVELAN (Service Dogs)

First Responders Foundation is excited to have JAVELAN as part of our program. JAVELAN is Service Dogs Enabling Life and Independence for Our Veterans and Nation’s Heroes.  Service Dogs for Veterans and First Responders.

JAVELAN provides funding for service dogs for our nations heroes suffering from disabilities such as PTSD and TBI.  These dogs come with lifetime support.  Also, wherever possible, first responders and veterans are partnered with a shelter or rescue dog in need of a caring home.  That is one unique and amazing difference from other programs.  Also the first responder/veteran helps with the training of the dog so the dog respects the person.  The program delivers an all around lifelong support system focused on healing bodies and minds while saving the life of a dog that would otherwise face euthanasia.   Watch this video to learn more

For information on how individuals may apply for a service dog please contact info@javelan.org.  For more information about JAVELAN visit javelan.org

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Listen to the Podcast here : Listen to an interview with JAVELAN’S Tim McAlpine.