Join Us in Sending Prayers and Condolences to the Kansas City Fire Department

Our mission statement reads to enhance public safety and build community appreciation and respect for our first responders. No matter how much state-of-the-art equipment or training a department has, sometimes tragedies still happen. Kansas City Fire Department is currently experiencing the worst type of tragedy…times two. This is the time when appreciation and respect are about all that can be offered to the firefighters in KC.

We are sending that support in the form of prayers and condolences to the Kansas City area. Not only has their fire department lost two members, but the entire nation has lost two more heroes. Firefighters know when they take this job, these are the risks that they face each and every day and most times everyone goes home safely, but not every time. October 13 brought that reality home to the Kansas City Fire Department.

The grief is apparent as Fire Chief Paul Berardi and his staff struggle to get through their press conference. We feel their pain and the pain of their entire department. But as Chief Berardi said so emotionally, they will continue to do their jobs as they do every day. The Kansas City firefighters will get through this with heavy hearts but they took an oath to protect all of us and that is what they will continue to do. That is why we call them heroes.

Learn more about the fallen firefighters from The Kansas City Star, and join us in supporting and sending condolences to the Kansas City Fire Department by using the #SupportRed hashtag in your social media updates.