OFD Kits

Omaha Fire Department

The Omaha Fire Department responds to over 45,000 medical calls annually for all different types of medical emergencies. Fortunately for Omaha, there has not been a mass casualty incident since the Von Maur shooting in December of 2007. In the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, (due to the significant rise in active shooters) first responders all across America have been preparing for a similar catastrophic event. Regardless of whether the victims are from an act of terror, an active shooter or a plane crash, the amount of resources needed in a mass casualty incident are hard to fathom.

Omaha Fire Department Kits

In the event that one of these devastating situations occur, there is specific life-saving equipment needed immediately. The essential supplies include trauma tourniquets, occlusive dressings, pressure bandages and decompression needles. OFD has sixteen ambulances, each with a quantity of 6-8 of these items.

The current supply is an appropriate amount to provide care on a typical day but would not be sufficient in a mass casualty incident. The solution for this problem is to create a Bleeding & Shock Kit for the sixteen ambulances, seven Battalion Chief vehicles and one Paramedic Supervisor vehicle in the Omaha Fire Department fleet. Each kit would contain 12 of the essential life-saving supplies which would be deployed on victims immediately as the first units arrive.

To accomplish our mission in securing these supplies, we are helping to fundraise $25,000 for the purchase of Bleeding and Shock Kits. You can help fund this lifesaving project! We have obtained quotes from three separate companies for these supplies and are ready to move forward implementing equipment into our cache as soon as the funds are made available.

Each of the 24 Bleeding and Shock Omaha Fire Department Kits would include the following equipment:

  • (1) Equipment Bag (No Expiration)
  • (12) Combat Application Tourniquets (No Expiration)
  • (12) Israeli Pressure Dressings (7-year Expiration)
  • (12) Occlusive Dressings (5-year Expiration)
  • (12) Decompression Needles (5 Year Expiration)
  • (12) Gauze Rolls
  • (2) Trauma Sheers
  • (4) Koban Rolls