Recap: 5 Events in 30 Days

Ahhhh…. or should we say AHHHHH! That is the sound made by many members of our foundation after the last of our events for the year were completed. This year we have been busier than ever before with community events and activities, having been involved in ten events this year with five of those events happening within thirty days!


2nd Annual 9/11 Memorial Benefit

The mad rush started with the 9/11 Minute of Silence. This event was held at Memorial Park on Sept. 11 at 9am. Governor Pete Ricketts attended along with Omaha’s top leaders to observe a minute of silence at 9:11am. The minute of silence recognized everyone that was killed in the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US.

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Just three days later on Sept. 14th, we held our 1st Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser. This was originally scheduled much earlier in the year, but multiple rainouts forced us to this later date. But, even with the later date the event was super fun and successful!

Three days after that on Sept 17th, we held our annual 9/11 Memorial Benefit fundraiser. This was held at the Omaha Police Mounted Patrol barn. There were both silent and live auctions that proved to be very spirited, and we all feasted on a delicious bbq dinner and designer cupcakes. And of course there was much horsing around!

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FBI Executive Shoot STEAK-Out

FBI Executive Steak-Out Shoot

After the benefit, we had a reprieve of sixteen days before our next event. That event was Action Day held on Oct. 3rd at the Omaha Police Training Academy. Action Day brings together area scouts to work on crime prevention badges and the general public to come see all of our cool police and fire equipment in action!

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Six days after Action Day, we hosted the FBI Executive Steak-Out Shoot at the Police Training Academy. Numerous executives from around Omaha signed up to learn more about the police department. They went through the Virtra system, which is a simulator for live time 911 calls, and the participants were involved in real-life reactions. They get to see what it feels like to be in an officer’s shoes and have to make a life-or-death decision in a split-second. They also partnered with our training instructors and were brought out to the gun range to fire a multitude of high caliber weapons.

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So let us just say AHHHH one more time! It takes a great team of members and volunteers to be able to pull often events, let alone five in 30 days! If you would like a piece of the fun, please contact us to sign up as a volunteer. Next year we will be changing the dates of some of our events so that we can spread the fun throughout the year!