Scout Day and Action Day Combine Events!

Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts have always worked hard to get their badges. For as long as we can remember, Scouts have been reaching out to the Omaha Police Department to work with officers to meet the requirements to get a law enforcement badge. With so many Scouts randomly coming to the police for this badge, the Omaha Police Department (OPD) started hosting an event about 12 years ago called “Scout Day.”  

This event was started as a way to provide large groups of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts an opportunity to earn their law enforcement related patches and badges collectively.  OPD immediately recognized that the Scouts also had a need to obtain fire prevention badges and patches and brought the Omaha Fire Department on board.  Within the past couple of years, they also invited Emergency Management to participate so Scouts can earn their “preparedness” badge/patch as well.

As time went on the program became very successful, but due to overtime and budget constraints it was suggested that OPD partner with the First Responders Foundation as a way to both provide the Scouts with the opportunity to earn their badges/patches, and also as a way for the foundation to invite the public to see the tool and equipment police and fire use on a daily basis.  

Our main goal is to showcase the wonderful things our first responders to do make our community safer in a way that is fun for kids and adults alike and support the police department in teaching the Scouts about crime prevention, fire prevention, fingerprinting, and emergency preparedness. This is a wonderful opportunity for both agencies and a wonderful opportunity for our community! This is a partnership that we are very proud of!

If you have a Scout or just want to have a lot of fun with cool emergency vehicles and equipment, this is the event for you!

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