SupportBlue Roadshow

The #SupportBlue Roadshow

#SupportBlue wants to go on the road, and you can help!

#SupportBlue Roadshow

Our #SupportBlue campaign’s mission is to recognize and show support for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us each and every day to make the community a better, safer place to live.

We can’t think of a better way to fulfill that mission than to go on the road and spread the #SupportBlue momentum to communities across America by mentoring other police departments in positive community relations, giving people a way to support law enforcement, and ultimately helping to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. We hope our roadshow will serve as a catalyst for sparking more community involvement and positive interactions with law enforcement.


We know that positive police-community relations can exist because we are fortunate to have that in Omaha. Our city shows overwhelmingly positive support for our police, in part because of police transparency and our relationships with the media and in part because of the many programs we have launched and events we are involved in that affect the community in a positive way, such as: Coffee with a Cop, Cops and Bobbers, Action Day, and more.

We want to work with police departments across the country to mentor them in how to achieve what we have achieved and help launch similar turn-key initiatives that have proven to be effective, bringing in community support groups to involve them in the effort.

Community Support

We plan to partner with local law enforcement agencies and communities and schedule appearances at existing community events (state fairs, community concerts, festivals, etc.) that naturally draw large numbers of people to listen to the public’s feedback about law enforcement, build partnerships and rally support.

Bridging the Gap

Improving community-police relations is possible with transparency, the right communication style, and positive relationships with the media. We will work with police departments across the country to leverage these skills and build strong relationships and programs to help improve the community’s perception of law enforcement.

Be Our Exclusive Sponsor

Now is the time to help the roadshow become a reality. Your generous funding is the essential piece that will help cities across the country make important progress as it relates to community-police relations.


  • Improved police-community-media relations
  • Grassroots effort allows one-on-one, powerful interaction
  • Highly visible and engaging approach that has proven successful in many industries
  • Highly effective at garnering news attention
  • Enables fluid scheduling; can go anywhere in the country as needed
  • Highly visible moving billboard on the road
  • Photo and video capture can be easily uploaded to web to increase exposure

Your Sponsorship Funds:

  • Wrapped RV (rented) with choreographed activities to engage local residents and a planned “front yard” experience that encourages conversations and sharing
  • Full time event manager
  • Travel costs associated with the travel staff
  • Paid event promotion
  • Swag and promotional material to include banners, t-shirts, bumper stickers, posters and more


Please contact Lt Darci Tierney with the First Responders Foundation and Omaha Police Department at for more information.