Trucking Hand Sanitizer Across Nebraska

Greater Omaha Express delivering hand sanitizer

Make a needed product and give it to those in need? Sounds easy, right?

Below you will find more information and the helping hands in Trucking Hand Sanitizer Across Nebraska.

(Update as of May 14th.  All requests for hand sanitizer are now going direct to Patriarch Distillers.  Please email David at )

David Young and Jeff Hadden Patriarch DistillersJeff Hadden, Founder and President, and David M. Young, VP of Strategy and Spirits Evangelist, from Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley 6, in LaVista, NE, just wanted to help out during the pandemic and produce hand sanitizer for those who were working so hard to keep our community safe. They made the decision to stop producing spirits at their business and begin making hand sanitizer full time.

Things started out fine, but as the need grew, David and Jeff were inundated with phone calls, emails, and even in-person visits to their facility for hand sanitizer. They needed some help. “Our project for good had become overwhelming,” said Jeff.

Trucking Hand Sanitizer Across Nebraska

Diann Swigart, Coordinator of Community Engagement

Diann Swigart, Coordinator of Community EngagementWelcome to the scene, Diann Swigart, Coordinator of Community Engagement, of the First Responders Foundation. She agreed to the task of leading a new call/distribution center. Instead of calling Patriarch Distillers, the calls and emails now go to Diann at the First Responders Foundation. She categorizes the calls into most urgent needs, with first responders at the top of the list. She gives each organization a code that they use for pickup at Patriarch Distillers. When the requests for hand sanitizer from first responders have been satisfied, other urgent needs are fulfilled.

At first most of the calls came from the metro area, but quickly calls began to come in from all over the state of Nebraska and some in Iowa. Diann tells of a call that came from a homeless shelter and children’s home in Lincoln, where the woman became overjoyed when she was told she would be getting the hand sanitizer. Diann said, “It sounded like she started to cry when I gave her the distribution code. This project has been quite emotional for me and many others.”

Brent Falgione, President of the trucking company, Greater Omaha Express

A little surprise was in store when Diann received a call from Brent Falgione, president of the trucking company, Greater Omaha Express, about hand sanitizer for truckers. Rest areas have been closed, as well as many of the shower facilities at truck stops, making it difficult for drivers to follow their routine while transporting necessary food and supplies across the nation. In order to keep his employees safe, Brent needed hand sanitizer. Diann said they were happy to help and then Brent contributed to the project in a surprising and substantial way. Diann says “He offered to truck hand sanitizer across the state on his route to others in need!” Brent has been transporting products for the past couple of weeks meeting people along his path at predetermined locations.

Diann heard about the Care Center in Greeley, NE on the news where the residents, along with the staff, had been quarantined for several weeks in order to keep the residents healthy. Diann called the facility and offered hand sanitizer be delivered to them since we were already delivering to the Sheriff’s office across the street! Brent and his drivers made this delivery happen as well.

Diann called Brent about a retirement home in Adams, NE that had called for sanitizer. However, they were not on the Greater Omaha Express’ route. Diann said, “Brent picked up another line, and while I was listening, he called Travis, from Buhrs Trucking. He told Travis about the situation and asked if he would pick up the hand sanitizer and deliver it to the facility? Without hesitation Travis said “Yes!” and picked up the product from Patriarch and delivered it to the Gage County Sheriff and retirement home.

Drew Wimer, an EMT from the West Point Volunteer Fire Department

Drew Wimer, an EMT from the West Point Volunteer Fire Department, called in a request. When he heard many of the smaller towns surrounding West Point were also in need, he came to Omaha and picked up the sanitizer and delivered it to all the surrounding departments. Diann says it has been refreshing to see all the people willing to help each other. They are so appreciative of Patriarch Distillers for their generosity.

So far Diann has connected almost 200 organizations with hand sanitizer. The organizations vary in size, from small, to as large as Nebraska Medicine. Click here for a list of organizations.

Just last week Patriarch agreed to assist The Nebraska Grocery Industry Association (NGIA), a state trade association which represents the grocery industry, with hand sanitizer. Most of the grocers are mom and pop stores. Patriarch has suggested a donation of $5 per gallon from the grocery stores to the First Responders Foundation.

Diann says, “The project has been super fun, really it has.” To request hand sanitizer call 402-218-1234 or email

Patriarch Distillers is not charging a fee for any of the hand sanitizer given to first responders, rather directing donations be made in their honor to First Responders Foundation. The Foundation has received over $5500 in donations.  The First Responders Foundation is honored to collaborate with Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley Spirits and other local businesses helping the Foundation execute our mission to enhance public safety and to serve first responders.

Greater Omaha Express

Read about Patriarch Distillers donating 58 galloons of hand sanitizer to the Omaha Fire Department here.