Behind the Movement

#SupportBlue’s mission is simple: to recognize and show support for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us each and every day to make the community a better, safer place to live.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.25.12 AMWe have #SupportBlue t-shirts, flags, and window clings available for purchase! Let our officers know that you appreciate what they do and that they have supporters everywhere!

The proceeds of #SupportBlue products fund the First Responders Foundation’s #SupportBlue movement.
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You Don’t Have to Wear a Badge to Be True Blue

You don’t have to risk your life day in and day out to keep our community safe. All you have to do is support those who do. For the men and women in blue who make a positive impact on our lives, let’s take a minute to make a positive impact on theirs. #SupportBlue and say “thank you.” Show them they’re appreciated. Encourage others to join in on the conversation. And, most importantly, continue to demonstrate the power of being True Blue.

The Oracle has Spoken

Warren Buffett has accepted the #supportblue challenge and is showing his support for law enforcement!

Warren Buffett has accepted the #SupportBlue challenge and is showing his support for law enforcement!

It’s a Movement – Join In


Take a selfie with #SupportBlue and share it on your social networks! You can download and print a poster here».

Why is it important to participate?
Letting these brave men and women know that we care can make all the difference in the world. They have a tough job, day in and day out. Yet they continue to serve and protect. A simple “thank you” can help keep their spirits strong.

What more can I do?

  1. Follow our foundation on social media and voice your appreciation. Connect with the official #SupportBlue Facebook page.
  2. Use hashtag #SupportBlue to tag your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and photos.
  3. Become a member of the Booster Club.
  4. Become a volunteer.
  5. Make a donation to help fund the campaign.

Support Kerrie’s Causes
Learn more about fallen Omaha officer Kerrie Orozco and help her legacy of humanitarianism live on in our community by ensuring the longevity of the causes closest to her heart.

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Say "Thank You"

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Thanks for keeping us safe. We appreciate your dedication to protecting our citizens

Kerry & Laela Williams

I want to Thank You for the work you do to keep Omaha safe. Most of the time people take you for granted, but when they need you they expect you to be there. Over the years since the Omaha Police were established many Officers have lost their lives. Thank you for protecting us and not expecting any thanks. I continue to maintain a small memorial for OPD Officer Jimmy Wilson, Jr. at 40th and Blondo streets. Updated flower bouquets are placed next to the tree at that intersection every 3-4 months.

Bill Gaughan

Thank you for having the courage to serve and protect us, our laws, and our freedom!!!! Please know there are so many of us that thank God for you and pray for you daily!!!!!! I love my freedom and the people who protect it!!!!!! Thank you for every time the world calls for a brave selfless officer to put everything aside to defend what is right, you respond to that call!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙 May God Bless you and keep you safe!!!!!!!!!!!


At approximately 6:00 PM last Tuesday (8-1-17), I was leaving the drive-through at the 72nd and Grover St. Burger King when I saw police unit 473 pull into the parking lot. The officer removed a tire from the unit and proceeded to change a flat tire for a lady who was stranded at that location. This is truly putting into action the oath "to serve and protect" and it warmed my heart. It's too bad we don't see more of these acts of kindness on TV news and less of the negative that represent only a fraction of the police force. I have seen officers helping citizens many times and thought it's about time I "reported" it. Thank you!

Karen Collins

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