Youth Athletic Program

Positive role models and activities inspire kids to stay off the streets, out of gangs, and drug-free.

We collaborate with PACE to offer athletic opportunities to at-risk kids in poverty-stricken areas that they otherwise would not have had.

The program targets the kids whose parents won’t sign them up for after school activities: the kids who would otherwise skip through the cracks of the system and be less likely to succeed and more likely to make bad choices, hang out with the wrong crowd, and find themselves in trouble with the law.

Police officers volunteer as coaches and mentors in soccer, baseball, and flag football and encourage the participants to become productive citizens through positive reinforcement. In 2016 there were 2,000 soccer participants and 250 baseball participants.

The First Responder Foundation donates approximately $30,000 to the program every year to cover the cost of the uniforms so the kids can participate with all the athletic gear they need to make it a successful season. Our contribution helps ensure that the kids who would normally not be able to afford joining a team can play and get the same experience that any other child would have.

Your donation affords these children the opportunity to be a part of a team, be influenced in a positive way, and focus on what all kids should be focusing on – being kids and having fun.

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